AIL SLIMSEAL Butterfly Valves

AIL SLIMSEAL is a Wafer type Butterfly Valve with an integrally mould elastomer body liner. Designed to outperform loose liners, SLIMSEAL;s elastomer liner is moulded directly in the body bore and vulcanised in-situ, making it last the entire life of the valve. The result- a valve that requires no form of maintenance. A perfect FIT AND FORGET valve.

AIL SLMSEAL is available in different combinations of body , liner and disc materials to suit a wide range of line fluids, , a size range of 50 to 600 mm and a pressure rating up to PN 16. This permits its use in a wide range of applications making AIL SLIMSEAL a truly versatile valve. ADVANTAGE OF INTEGRALLY MOULDED LINER


SLIMSEAL’S integrally moulded body liner is not subjected to stretching. Which is the cause for fatigue in loose-lined elastomers. Fatigue in elastomer results in excessive wear and subsequent tearing of the liner. A torn liner can be easily swept into the line causing extensive damage to expensive down-streamequipment. Though in valves with loose liners the seat can be replaced, by the time it is done the line fluid would have caused some corrosion to the valve body. This causes imperfect seating of the new liner, resulting in leakages. These drawbacks are eliminated in SLIMSEAL’S intergrally mould liner design.


SLIMSEAL has a gasket interal to the body which eliminates the need for a seprate gasket between the valve face and companion flange. In addition. As the liner is bonded to the body, it will not hang out or get pinched during installation. Damage to expressive replaceable seats is thereby eliminated.


In SKLIMSEAL Valves the body liner incorporates flats at the top and the bottom where the shift passes through, providing a wide sealing area. The secondary sealing is Weatherseal at the top


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